Simplicity and Scalability at their Best

Mastering the Physical Properties of Photons for Reliable and Scalable Photonic Quantum Computers.

The Photonic Revolution

We believe that the properties of photons are still little exploited and that many things can be done with photons. Especially using the OAM properties of photons. These properties can lead to remarkable revolutions in the field of radio broadcasting and in the field of quantum computers.  Applications are still in their infancy and we are convinced that they will give rise to a whole set of new technologies and disruptive products. We want to be primary actors in this photonic revolution.

Our Technology

We are mastering the topological properties of Photons. This means using the features of the Orbital Angular Momentum of Electromagnetic waves and Photons to develop innovative technologies in order to create marvellous applications in Communication and in Quantum Computation.

Unleashing the Potential of Photons